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David Moffitt, B.ap.Sc(PT), MCPA, Certified Acup. Foundation of Canada David Moffitt has over 20 years of experience in treating soft tissue syndrome and chronic pain conditions. He was raised in New Zealand and obtained his degree in Sydney, Australia in 1980. He studied acupuncture in Beijing, China and at Edmonton University with the world famous Dr. Aung. He has had the pleasure of working with Olympic and Commonwealth athletes. In accordance of knowledge and skills, he recently completed a course on the "Assessment and Management of Whiplash Injuries" at the university of Calgary. Interests: Management of whiplash and motor vehicle injuries Chronic Pain syndromes such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Osteoarthritic syndromes (shoulder pain, hip pain, foot pain) Chondromalacia/ Tension headaches/ Neck Pain/ Low Back Pain Functional capacity evaluation and work conditioning programs.

David works Monday to Friday:  Mondays 2pm to 6:45pm, Tuesdays 1pm-6:45pm, Wednesdays 7:30am-12:45pm, Thursdays 1pm-6:45pm, and Fridays 7:30am-11:45pm.


Edwin Chock, B.Sc.Hons.Biol., B.Sc.Hons.H.K., M.Sc.PT, Certified Acup. Foundation of Canada Edwin Chock received his Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Toronto in 2003. Since graduation, he has taken a keen interest in the specialty of orthopedics and acupuncture, and continues to participate in numerous postgraduate courses in manual therapy. His specific interests include treatment of dysfunction of the spine and its co-related problems, shoulder injuries, sports injuries, anatomical acupuncture, geriatric rehabilitation, core stabilization, and active rehabilitation. Prior to joining the dynamic team at Maple Ridge Physiotherapy and Pain Clinic, Edwin has worked in clinics both in Vancouver and Toronto, treating patients involved in motor vehicle accidents, worker’s compensation related injuries, sports injuries, and geriatric care. He also possesses experience in athletic therapy from volunteering with the Women’s Varsity Soccer and Men’s Varsity Football at the University of Ottawa, and is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Orthopedics and Sport Divisions. Edwin’s personal interests include hiking, cycling, martial arts, cooking, and traveling.

Edwin works Monday to Friday:  Mondays and Wednesdays evenings 1pm-6:45pm, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays mornings 7am-12:45pm.


Hershal Shah, MPT, BSc, CAFCI Hershal received his Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) degree from the University of British Columbia in 2015 and joined our team shortly after.  Prior to that, he completed his Bachelor of Science "with distinction" from Simon Fraser University, with a major in Biomedical Physiology.  Hershal has continued his education since then, becoming certified in acupuncture (CAFCI) by Acupuncture Canada in 2016 and is currently completing his Advanced Diploma of Manual and Manipulative Therapy.  Hershal is skilled in treating acute and chronic pain of the low back, mid back, and neck.  Drawing from his own sports injuries, he also has extensive experience treating lower leg conditions involving the knee, ankle, and foot.  Hershal utilizes manual therapy and exercise to restore joint mobility, tissue health, and ensure proper movement to prevent re-injury.  Hershal has a keen interest in sports injuries, specifically in basketball, baseball, martial arts, and combat sports.  Hershal continues to broaden his scope of practice and plans to pursue certification in intramuscular stimulation (IMS), concussion management, and vestibular rehabilitation.  Outside of the clinic, Hershal enjoys weightlifting, running, reading, visiting local craft breweries, and spending time with his family and friends.

Hershal works Monday to Friday:  Mondays 7am-1:45pm, Tuesdays 7am-12:45pm, Wednesdays 1pm-6:45pm, Thursdays 7am-12:45pm, and Fridays 12pm-6:45pm.

Gordon Seow, B.H.Kin. Kinesiology & Health Science, MPT, CSCS Gordon discovered his love for health & fitness in gr. 10 P.E. class and has pursued this passion ever since.  After completing his Bachelor of Human Kinetics at UBC in 2010, he served for 2 years in the Singapore Armed Forces as a Lieutenant.  During his time there, Gordon was responsible for the physical fitness and combat readiness of his platoon which inspired him to attain his qualification as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) upon returning to Vancouver.  He completed his Masters of Physical Therapy from UBC in 2016, successfully challenged his level 1 CPA Orthopaedic Divison exam, completed the Mulligan Concept Lower Quadrant course, and became K-Taping (Kinesiotape) Pro certified. Gordon intends to pursue his Orthopaedic levels, acupuncture and dry needling qualifications.  He also has interests in bodybuilding, high performance strength and conditioning, weight loss, kettlebells and TRX/suspension training.

Gordon works Monday to Friday: Mondays 7am-12:45pm, Tuesdays 1pm-6:45pm, Wednesdays 7am-12:45pm, Thursdays 1pm-6:45pm, and Fridays 1pm-6:45pm.


Gunter Rebele, Dipl.PT, RPT, Certified Acup. Foundation of Canada Gunter is a semi-retired Physiotherapist with 33 years experience. He started his career in Germany as registered Massage Therapist and Hydrotherapist. After immigrating to South Africa, he trained in Physiotherapy in Cape Town and became a registered Physiotherapist in 1974. He worked in Private Practice in Cape Town, Kelowna, Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast. He has extensive post-graduate training in manual therapy and adult hemiplegia. After studying Acupuncture he qualified to practice Acupuncture as applied to Physiotherapy in 1996. His special interests are Manual Therapy, Orthopedics, Injury and Stroke rehabilitation. In his spare time he likes rock hounding, stone and driftwood carving, hiking and cycling.

Gunter works Saturdays 8am-11:45am.


Luke Plesa, B.Sc.PT Luke completed his studies at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes”, Romania.  Working with a variety of populations has given Luke the experience and confidence in treating injuries of all types.  He believes that preventative maintenance and treating the root cause of injury are critical to optimal health, and believes that directly involving the patient in treatment planning promotes patient confidence and excellent outcomes for recovery.  Luke is fortunate to have had experience in a variety of rehabilitative settings including orthopaedic and neurological private practice, orthopaedic and neurological trauma rehab, and acute care hospital.  With a keen interest in orthopaedics, Luke continues to expand his skills and trains in Movement Dysfunction and is pursuing his acupuncture certification.  He creates an effective therapeutic experience by combining manual therapy including soft tissue release techniques and joint mobilizations, with other therapeutic modalities, exercise therapy, and education, and by ensuring that patients leave every session empowered to expand their physical limits.

Luke works Saturdays 8am-11:45am.


Eric J. Vegt, RMT After spending three years pursuing a Criminology degree at SFU, Eric decided that a career in massage therapy would be more rewarding. He graduated in 1997 from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy and has been working at Maple Ridge Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic since 2004. Eric enjoys treating a wide variety of conditions using techniques including traditional Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and deep tissue massage. Eric loves spending time watching movies and the occasional hike with his wife Nadine (and their cats), and also has interests in computers and reading.

Eric works Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays 9am-6:30pm, and Fridays 9am-6:30pm.

Toshi Hasegawa, RMT Toshi immigrated from Japan in 1991. As he sought to become a health care practitioner, he decided to take a 3000-hour course from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Since becoming an RMT in the year 2000, he served many communities in the Lower Mainland, and instructed future massage therapists at a massage therapy college for 10 years. During his youth, he was trained in martial arts which taught him the basic principles of physical discipline. These experiences made a strong impact on his belief system of how physical health should be maintained. To him, the keyword is “balance”. It applies to any aspect of science and all elements in our daily life. It also reflects how he performs manual therapy. His main treatment approach is the restoration of the kinetic alignment system from the soft tissue standpoint. Throughout his practical experiences and ongoing education, he has developed his own unique assessment and treatment methods in order to address many symptomatic soft tissue conditions. During each session, he asks his patients to become involved in every aspect of their treatment process. He believes that providing a thorough explanation of the condition to the patient is an essential key to a successful outcome. In his free time, he likes going camping and travelling.

Toshi works Thursdays 9am-6:30pm.


Naiana Naicu, R. Kin. Naiana graduated in 1987 from the Romanian National Academy of Physical Education and Sports with a degree in Medical Exercise Rehabilitation Therapy.  Her clinical experience includes sports and orthopedic injuries, post traumatic recovery, musculoskeletal and postural dysfunctions, hypokinetic disease, neurological exercise therapy, and geriatric therapeutic exercise.  Starting in 1987 she worked in different physiotherapy clinics including Romania, Holland, and since 2000 in Canada.  Her sports background is in gymnastics.  Naiana is a registered kinesiologist with the BC Association of Kinesiologists since 1999.

Naiana works Monday to Friday:  Mondays 11am-6:30pm, Tuesdays 7am-2pm, Wednesdays 11am-6:30pm, Thursdays 7am-2pm, and Fridays 7am-2pm.





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