Luke Plesa

Luke Plesa


Luke completed his studies at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes”, Romania.

Working with a variety of populations has given Luke the experience and confidence in treating injuries of all types. He believes that preventative maintenance and treating the root cause of injury are critical to optimal health, and believes that directly involving the patient in treatment planning promotes patient confidence and excellent outcomes for recovery.

Luke is fortunate to have had experience in a variety of rehabilitative settings including orthopaedic and neurological private practice, orthopaedic and neurological trauma rehab, and acute care hospital.

With a keen interest in orthopaedics, Luke continues to expand his skills and trains in Movement Dysfunction and possesses dry needling certification. He creates an effective therapeutic experience by combining manual therapy including soft tissue release techniques and joint mobilizations, with other therapeutic modalities, exercise therapy, and education, and by ensuring that patients leave every session empowered to expand their physical limits.

Luke works 1 day a week: 

  • Saturdays 8:10am - 11:50am.