Direct Billing

Direct Billing

We are pleased to offer direct billing for PACIFIC BLUE CROSS.

What you need to bring:

1.   Your extended benefits card with policy number and member ID

2.   Doctor’s referral, if required by your policy

Direct Billing FAQ

1. When Do You Bill My Provider?
We will bill Pacific Blue Cross at the beginning of your visit to our clinic.
2. What If My Plan Only Covers a Percentage of the Claim?

Don’t worry, you are still eligible for direct billing! Pacific Blue Cross will automatically deduct the appropriate percentage of your treatment, and you pay the balance of your visit at the beginning of your visit.

3. How do I know how much I am covered for?

You can learn the details of your coverage by contacting your extended health carrier or from your plan administrator.

4. What if my claim is denied?

If your visit is denied for online direct billing, we ask that your balance is paid in full before you begin your treatment. Maple Ridge Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic can provide you with official treatment receipts which may be used for tax purposes.

5. Can I claim acupuncture visits even though they are performed by a physiotherapist?

Due to extended insurance provider policies, any physiotherapy visits that involve acupuncture treatment can only be submitted as physiotherapy treatment, not acupuncture.